Hardwood Floor Maintenance

The first thing that people notice when they enter your beautiful, elegant home is often your hardwood floor. Maintaining the beauty of this investment means a lot of consistent effort for maintenance over time. We’ve listed several of our most resourceful tips to help you save money on the maintenance of your hardwood floors in Charlotte, NC and to keep you falling in love with your hardwood floors over and over again.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

Always Keep Your Floors Clean
This tip might sound simple but is very significant. Dust and bacteria left to sit on your floors eat and wear away at the finish and at the wood itself. Dirt left on your floors causes scratches with everyday foot traffic. We suggest removing dirt using a find broom, not a wheeled vacuum cleaner as this can scratch the wood. Strive to sweep your floors at least every other day. If you must vacuum, do it weekly and use a soft vacuum brush.

It’s Better To Prevent Than Repair
The key to maintaining your hardwood floors is to prevent wear rather than plan to repair. Place synthetic mats at entry points to your home to collect dust and to keep the high-traffic areas under control. Mats also offer a great opportunity to improve the interior decor of a home that needs just a little something to cohesively bring together the design. When you choose rugs and mats to protect your hardwood floors, be sure that you are picking mats without adhesive or abrasively coated bottoms so that you can avoid damage to your floors this way.

Say No To H2O
It is safe to say that hardwood floors and water do not mix. Water will destroy your hardwood floors, no matter how durable they area. Instead of cleaning with water, choose a wood floor cleaning product from your local supermarket. To use, spray your floors with the cleaner then wipe it gently with a soft cotton cloth. Be sure to select a cleaning product and technique appropriate for the finish on your floors, typically it will be polyurethane or a waxed finish.

Prevent & Repair Stains
Unfortunately, stains are almost inevitable when it comes to your hardwood floors. Do all that you can to prevent possible stains with rugs and careful maneuvering of your kitchen, but if an accident does occur, don’t worry. Simply use some rubbing alcohol and steel wool to gently scrub down and remove the stain on your own, or call our Fabulous Floors Cleveland team to take care of the stain for you. If you choose to clean the stain yourself, there is a possibility of a mark remaining, but this can easily be improved with a simple polish job, making the wood look brand new all over again.

Routine Maintenance For Polyurethane Finish
If your floors have a polyurethane finish, you should have it screened and re-coated every 3-5 years. How often you need this service will depend on the amount of foot traffic and wear on your floors. Consistently keeping up with this process could prevent the need for complete hardwood floor refinishing later on.

Area Rugs
As a matter of personal taste, decide how you will cover your floors to protect them from traffic. You might see area rugs as defeating the purpose of beautiful hardwood floors. We know that the extra carpeting will help to protect your hardwood floors and prolong your investment, but as it is a style and design choice, it’s up to the homeowner to decide how they will maintain their hardwood floors in the Charlotte area.

We hope these simple tips are beneficial to you and your hardwood floors. For all your hardwood refinishing needs in the Charlotte area, make sure to contact Fabulous Floors Charlotte!